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The Cultured Canvas
New Perspectives on American Landscape Painting
Nancy Siegel, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


• Introduction: Redefining the Canvas
• The Englishness of Thomas Cole – Tim Barringer
Above the Clouds at Sunrise: Frederic Church’s Memorial to Thomas Cole – Kenneth John Myers
• Andrew Jackson Downing and the Sentimental Domestic Landscape – Rebecca Bedell
• Rethinking “Luminism”: Taste, Class, and Aestheticizing Tendencies in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting – Alan Wallach
• “We the Petticoated Ones”: Women of the Hudson River School – Nancy Siegel
• Jervis McEntee: The Trials of a Landscape Painter – David Schuyler
• Eliza Pratt Greatorex: Becoming a Landscape Painter – Kathie Manthorne
• Body-Nature-Paint: Embodying Experience in Gilded Age American Landscape Painting – Adrienne Baxter Bell
• Contributors
• Index

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