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Jewish Justices of the Supreme Court
From Brandeis to Kagan
David G. Dalin

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Before Brandeis: Presidents, Presidential Appointments, and America’s Jews, 1813–1912
• Louis D. Brandeis: “People’s Attorney,” Presidential Adviser, and Zionist
• Justice Brandeis: Supreme Court Nomination and Senate Confirmation Fight
• Benjamin N. Cardozo: Redeeming the Family Name
• Felix Frankfurter: City College to the New Deal
• Mr. Justice Frankfurter: The Court Years
• Arthur J. Goldberg: A Promising Tenure Cut Short
• Abe Fortas: A Tale of Achievement and Scandal
• Three Jewish Justices: Ginsburg, Breyer, and Kagan Join the Court
• Notes
• Index

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