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Travels in Intermediality
ReBlurring the Boundaries
Bernd Herzogenrath, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Travels in Intermedia[lity]: An Introduction –
Bernd Herzogenrath
Four Models of Intermediality – Jens Schröter
Intermediality in Media Philosophy – Katerina Krtilova
Realism and the Digital Image – W. J. T. Mitchell
Mother’s Little Nightmare: Photographic and Monstrous Genealogies in David Lynch’s The Elephant Man Lars Nowak
Laughs: The Misappropriated Jewels, or A Close Shave for the Prima Donna – Michel Serres
Words and Images in the Contemporary American Graphic Novel – Jan Baetens
• Music for the Jilted Generation
: Techno and | as Intermediality – Bernd Herzogenrath
Genuine Thought Is Inter(medial) – Julia Meier
Theater and Music: Intermedial Negotiations – Ivana Brozi
The Novel as Hypertext: Mapping Thomas Pynchon’s Against the Day Brian W. Chanen
Delightful Vistas: Revisiting the Hypertext Garden – Mark Bernstein
Playing Research: Methodological Approaches to Game Analysis – Espen Aarseth
The Nonessentialist Essentialist Guide to Games – Erik Champion
“Turn your Radio on”: Intermediality in the Computer Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Gunter Süss
Television as Network—Network as Television: Experiments in Content and Community – Ben Sassen
Social Media and the Future of Political Narrative – Jay David Bolter
• Index

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