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Time and the Digital
Connecting Technology, Aesthetics, and a Process Philosophy of Time
Timothy Scott Barker

Dartmouth College Press


List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Whitehead and Deleuze
• Trains, Telephones, Televisions
• Mediation
• Time, Process, and Multi-temporality
Experimenting with Time
• Convergences
• Performing Digital Aesthetics
• Technology as Temporalizing
Time and Process
• Whitehead’s Time
• What Is an Event?
• Perceiving Events
Deleuze’s Time and Serres’s Multi-temporality
• What Deleuze Reads in Bergson
• The Virtual
• Serres’s Time and Digital “Presentness”
• A Time That Moves Sideways
• T
he Time of David Claerbout, Bill Viola, and Dan Graham
• The Time of David Claerbout
• The Time of Bill Viola
• The Time of Dan Graham
Events and Interactive Aesthetics
The Event and Present
The Story Is Like a River . . .
• Time and
• Re-presenting Events
• Rethinking the User: Humans and Technology
Technology, Aesthetics, and Deleuze’s Virtual
• Time and the Virtual
• Delays and Movement
• Extensions, Entanglements, and Prehension
• A Unison of Becoming
• The Effect of Relations
• A Digital Extensive Continuum
• The Digital Past

• Time, Process, and Databases
Databases and Time
• Multi-temporality and
Organizing Temporality
• Events and the Archive
• The Database
in Time
• The Database and Temporal Relationships
• Reterritorializing Data
• Databases and the Extension of Occasions
• Conclusion
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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