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A More Conservative Place
Intellectual Culture in the Bush Era
Paul A. Bové

Dartmouth College Press


• Acknowledgments
A Retrospective Introduction
• American Universalism and Its Democracy
• Area Studies Revisited
• The American State Allegorizes the Ruins
• Can American Studies Be “Area Studies”?
• Critical Poetics: American Resources for Theorizing America
• Curiosity in
The Education of Henry Adams
Can We Judge the Humanities by Their Future as a Course of Study?
• Humanities and the Changing Role of Worldly Engagement The Ineluctability of American Empire
• Rights Discourse in the Age of U.S.-China Trade
• Historical Humanist, American Style
• The Intellectual as a Contemporary Phenomenon
• The End of Thinking: Intellectual Failure in the New World Order
• Why the Neocons Hate Henry Adams

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500