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Margaret Fuller and Her Circles
Brigitte Bailey, ed.; Katheryn P. Viens, ed.; Conrad Edick Wright, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


• Introduction: Fuller at Two Hundred - Brigitte Bailey
• Fuller’s Lawsuit and Feminist History - Phyllis Cole
• “Woes . . . of Which We Know Nothing”: Fuller and the Problem of Feminine Virtue - John Matteson
• Fuller, Feminism, Pantheism - Dorri R. Beam
• Margaret Fuller, Self-Culture, and Associationism - David M. Robinson
• “More anon”: American Socialism and Margaret Fuller’s 1848 - Adam-Max Tuchinsky
• Margaret Fuller and Antislavery: “A Cause Identical”- Albert J. von Frank
• Margaret Fuller on Music’s “Everlasting Yes”: A Romantic Critic in the Romantic Era- Megan Marshall
• Sympathy and Prophecy: The Two Faces of Social Justice in Fuller’s New York Writing - Jeffrey Steele
• Margaret Fuller and Urban Life - Robert N. Hudspeth
• Circles around George Sand: Margaret Fuller and the Dynamics of Transnational Reception - Charlene Avallone
• Epilogue. “The Measure of My Foot-Print”: Margaret Fuller’s Unfinished Revolution - Mary Kelley
• Notes
• Contributors
• Index

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