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A Poetics of Trauma
The Work of Dahlia Ravikovitch
Ilana Szobel

Brandeis University Press


• Introduction: What Must Be Forgotten
Part 1: Forever Beholden: The State of Orphanhood
• Poetics of Orphanhood
• “She Has Damaged the Little Girl”: Orphanhood and Motherhood
• “His Eldest Daughter”: Women’s Symbolic Orphanhood
Part 2: Estrangement: The Project of Female Subjectivity
Estrangement and the Collision of Perspectives
• “Imaginary Geography”: The Gap between “Here” and “Over There”
Part 3: “She Tried to Escape and Lost Her Senses”: Mania, Depression, and Madness
The Manic-Depressive Mode: Poetics of Mobilité
• “Therefore I Invented Conversation”: Speech about Madness, and Mad Speech
Part 4: Unveiling Injustice: Testimony, Complicity, and National Identity
• “Hovering at a Low Altitude”: Witnessing and Complicity
• “Guilt-Ridden Poems”: The Contamination of Language and the Departure from Innocence
• “Stinging and Itching/Maddeningly: The Palestinians as the Israeli Abjection
• Conclusion: “The Transparent Skin That Unites Us”
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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