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The Imaginary and Its Worlds
American Studies after the Transnational Turn
Laura Bieger, ed.; Ramón Saldívar, ed.; Johannes Voelz, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• The Imaginary and Its Worlds: An Introduction
Imagining Cultures: The Transnational Imaginary in Postrace America - Ramón Saldívar
The Necessary Fragmentation of the (U.S.) Literary-Cultural Imaginary - Lawrence Buell
Imaginaries of American Modernism - Heinz Ickstadt
• William James versus Charles Taylor: Philosophy of Religion and the Confines of the Social and Cultural Imaginaries -
Herwig Friedl
• The Shaping of We-Group Identities in the African American Community: A Perspective of Figurational Sociology on the Cultural Imaginary -
Christa Buschendorf
Russia’s Californio Romance: The Other Shores of Whitman’s Pacific - Lene Johannessen
Form Games: Staging Life in the Systems Epoch - Mark Seltzer
• Real Toads -
Walter Benn Michaels
• Obama Unwound: The Romanticism of Victory and the Defeat of Compromise -
Christopher Newfield
• Barack Obama’s Orphic Mysteries -
Donald E. Pease
• Coda. The Imaginary and the Second Narrative: Reading as Transfer -
Winfried Fluck
• Index

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