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Issachar Bates
A Shaker’s Journey
Carol Medlicott

University Press of New England


• Preface
• Introduction: “Now here’s my faith I’ll speak it plain”
• “Signs and Wonders”: Early Life, Spiritual Preparation, and the Coming of the Shakers
• “Take the bloody track of war”: A Fifer in the American Revolution
• “I’m journeying with those who I love in the flesh”: Issachar Bates as Husband and Provider
• “A testimony as hot as flames”: Shaker Conversion and Early Travels
• “Like God’s Hunters”: Seeking Kindred in the West
• “Thorns and thistles did abound”: The Growth of the Shaker West
• “What trials yet before us lay?”: Tribulation on the Wabash
• “And with much animation we lived at Busro”: An Elder in Indiana
• “Remnant of the tribe of Issachar”: The Bates Kinship Network in the Shaker East
• “The Cockatrice still wants a place in Zion’s lovely regions”: Transformations in the Shaker West
• “Tribulation Worketh Patience”: A Bitter Close in the West
• “So I’ll relinquish all demands”: Journey’s End at New Lebanon
• Epilogue: “Elder Issachar seems to be continually at hand”
• Appendixes
• Appendix 1: Bates Family Tree
• Appendix 2: Songs and Poems by Issachar Bates
• Appendix 3: Songs by Issachar Bates’s Children
• Notes on Sources
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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