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Transatlantic Traffic and (Mis)Translations
Robin Peel, ed.; Daniel Maudlin, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


Foreword: Transatlantic Traffic 1610–1910, Susan Castillo Street
• Editors’ Introduction
• Prologue: Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic (Mis)Understandings, Lawrence Buell
• I. Monstrosities and Curiosities
• Curiosities of the New World and John Winthrop Jr.’s Epistolary Visits to the Royal Society, Kathryn Napier Gray
• The Transatlantic Larynx in Wartime: John Gough’s London Voices, Tom F. Wright
• The Monstrous Transatlantic Witchcraft Narrative: Elizabeth Gaskell’s
Lois the Witch, Louisa Jayne Foster
• Translations, Conversions, and Rewritings
• The Reformation of Their Disordered Lives: Portraying Cultural Adaptation in the Seventeenth-century Praying Indian Towns, Alison Stanley
The Toast of Heroes and Fair Albion’s Son: Jonathan Mitchell Sewell’s Ossianic Versifications, Dafydd Moore
• Walt Whitman and William Blake: The Prophet-Artist and Democratic Thought, Linda Freedman
• Transatlantic Traffic and Performances
• Prophecy and Geography in Anne Bradstreet’s “Contemplations”: A Transatlantic Reading, Edward Holberton
• Coloniality, Performance, Translation: The Embodied Public Sphere in Early America, Elizabeth Maddock Dillon
• Literature of Attractions: Jack London and Early Moving Images, Owen Clayton
• Index

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