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Educating in the Divine Image
Gender Issues in Orthodox Jewish Day Schools
Chaya Rosenfeld Gorsetman, Elana Maryles Sztokman

Brandeis University Press


• Foreword: Gendered Lessons in Jewish Schools
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: Gender, Judaism, and Educating in the Divine Image
• In the Classroom: Gender, Pedagogy, and Teaching
• People of the Book: Gender in Jewish Books and Curricula
• Separate or Together?: Single-Sex versus Coed Schooling
Tzniut and Dress Codes: Female Body Cover in Jewish Socialization
• Building Intimate Relationships: Sex Education and Judaism
• The Shul in the School: Socializing into Gender via Jewish Rituals in School
• The Broader Context: Gender Hierarchies in Jewish Educational Leadership
• Reflections and Conclusions
• Appendix A. Practical Educational Resources
• Appendix B. Methods
• Notes
• Glossary
• Bibliography
• Index

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