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The History and Evolution of Humankind’s Relationship with Earth’s Most Primal Element
Suzanne Staubach

University Press of New England


• Acknowledgments
• Cooking Pots and Storage Jars: Porridge, Ale, and International Commerce
• Hearth and Home: Ovens, Heat, and the Invention of Baking
• The First Machine and the Development of an Industry
• Set the Table: From a Simple Bowl to a 2,200-Piece Dinner Set
• A Word or Two: The Invention of Writing and Books
• The Most Popular Building Material: Cities, Walls, and Floors of Mud
• Sanitation: A Nice Hot Bath, a Drink of Water, and Don’t Forget to Flush
• Farming Made East: Irrigation, Propagation, and Incubation
• Electricity, Transportation, and Rocket Science
• To Your Health!
• Art, Toys, Gods, Goddesses, and Fertility
• A Fitting Death: Urns, Gravestones, Companions, and Thieves
• Conclusion
• Appendix A: How to Make Your Own Pinch Pot
• Appendix B: Museums
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Credits

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