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The Legacy of Fort William Henry
Resurrecting the Past
David R. Starbuck

University Press of New England


• The Brief Life of a Frontier Fort
• Beginnings: Native Americans on Lake George
• The Reconstruction of the Fort in the 1950s
• The 1990s: Archeology inside Barracks, Dumps, and a Well
• New Archeology at the Fort: 2011–12
• The Dead Have Stories to Tell: Forensic Anthropology at the Fort
• Artifacts Discovered at the Fort
• Why Is Fort William Henry Relevant Today?
• Appendix 1: The Exhibits at Fort William Henry
• Appendix 2: Foodways at Fort William Henry: An Interim Progress Report, by Jene C. Romeo
• Appendix 3: Major General Daniel Webb’s Surrender Letter, August 17, 1757
• Further Reading
• Index

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