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Dartmouth Veterans
Vietnam Perspectives
Phillip C. Schaefer, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Foreword by James Wright
• Preface
• Introduction by Edward Miller
• Abbreviations and Glossary
• 1961–1963
• Military Service—Tom Seymour
• An Undergrad in Vietnam—Anthony B. Thompson
• Dartmuth Interruptus: Military and Maturity—Lockwood (Woody) Barr
• Cold Wind for the Hanover Plain—Nelson Carman
• 1964
• William Brewster Nickerson, ’64—Sage Dunlap Chase
• Rolling Thunder: One Small Step to Enlightenment—Robert B. Field Jr.
• Life aboard a U.S. Aircraft Carrier—Paul T. (Pete) Koenig
• The Road from Dartmouth to Vietnam—John T. Lane
• The Green Lieutenant—Hugh Savage
• Supporting Our Troops and Country—Derick Denby
• Vietnam-Era Military Service: Some Good Memories—Fritz Corrigan
• Two Souths Remembered: America and Vietnam in the Mid-’60s—James P. Stewart
• “I Never to See You Again”—Tim Brooks
• Radio Days—Alan McKee
• Vietnam and My Life—George Morrow
• Paradoxes of War—Bud McGrath
• Ours Is Not to Reason Why, Ours Is But to Sit and Wait—Richard Mack
• Vietnam: A Defining Life Event—Neal Stanley
• Vietnam: Before/During/After—David W. Kruger
• Navy Days—Paul E. Hale
• Ready, Willing, and Able: Life as a Helicopter Pilot aboard a Frigate in the Gulf of Tonkin—Robert (Bob) Parkinson
• A Very Personal Experience—Glen Kendall
• Scooter Driver—Ned Miller
• Vietnam War Experiences—Charles L. Marsh Jr.
• Down to the Sea in Ships—Ernie Notar
• Tet’s Albatross—Charles G. Williams Jr.
• Dartmouth and ROTC—Donald C. Bross
• Observe, Analyze, and Respond—Stanley C. Herr
• Vietnam in the Course of a Navy Career—Michael W. Parker
• How Did I Miss Vietnam?—Michael M. MacMurray
• 1965
• Entitled Elites and Exploited Expendables: The Privileged versus the Patriots—David S. deCalesta
• The Police General’s Horse—Newell Grant
• 1966
• Father and Son—George J. Fesus
• A Life Saved—Willard Cook
• The Maturing of a Dartmouth Marine—Lee A. Chilcote
• Winning Hearts and Minds—Ivars Bemberis
• 1967
• A Quiet War, a Damped Conscience—Robert J. (Woody) Woodruff
• My WestPac Tour—Stephen M. Thompson
• Vietnam—Accelerating My Maturity—Peter E. Luitwieler
• Life in a Jungle Base Camp—Carl DuRei
• LST-912 on the Rocks—Alan S. Woodberry
• 1968
• From Lawyer to Aerial Recon Commander—James Laughlin III
• The War at Home—Karl F. Winkler
• Lawyering in the Army—Vietnam and Stateside—Philip McFerrin
• Vietnam: Once in a Lifetime—Curt Little
• “I Guess You Can Learn Something Anywhere”—Walton Smith
• Thoughts on Vietnam—Jim Harris
• Duty and Service in the Cold War Era—Edmund B. Frost
• The Past as Prologue—Alan E. Ferris
• Vietnam Remembered—Robert Hager
• Fighting the War on the Home Front—John Topping
• Nobody Knows and Nothing Changes—Lynn McCanse
• Rear Guard—Bill Riggs
• An Air Force JAG Desk Jockey—David W. Hess
• 1969–1971
• Legacies of the Vietnam War—John T. Fishel
• Drafted—Robert J. Rose
• Missing from Action—C. Dean Razzano
• Epilogue: The Plan—William Peters
• Veterans from the Class of 1964
• Index

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