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Inventing Ethan Allen
John J. Duffy, H. Nicholas Muller, III

University Press of New England


• Prologue
• Confused Accounts of Ethan Allen’s Death: Later Accounts Compound the Story
• Seeking the Main Chance: Limited Education, Failed Ventures, and the Promise of the New Hampshire Grants
• Chasing Fame and Glory: Success at Ticonderoga, Blundering at St. John, and Defeat at Montreal
• Ethan Allen and the Historians: Discovering a Hero
• The Many Guises of the Hero: Ethan Allen in Fiction, Stone, Uniform, and Popular Imagination
• Making It Up: Anecdotes, Legends, and Other Dubious Tales
• Silence and Exclusion: Murder, Slaveholding, and Plagiarism
• The Hero Keeps His Reputation
• Epilogue: The Hero Lives
• Vermont Historiography, 1807–50: Change and Response
• The Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society: Documenting and Promoting a Hero
• The Vermont Historical and Antiquarian Society: Earliest Membership Roll
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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