The Return of the Moguls
How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century
Dan Kennedy

University Press of New England


• Introduction: The Rise and Fall of Newspapers in a Time of Turmoil
• The Swashbuckler: Jeff Bezos Puts His Stamp on a Legendary Newspaper
• The
Crux of the Matter: John Henry’s Culture of Experimentation
• Unrequited Love: Spurned in Boston and Maine, Aaron Kushner Looks West
• This Is Your Brain on the Internet: Can News Break Free of the Distraction Machine?
• Getting Big Fast: How the
Washington Post Is Becoming the Amazon of News
• The End of Free: The
Boston Globe Tells Readers to Pay Up
• Orange Crush: From California Dreaming to an Epic Nightmare
• Money Isn’t Everything: Why Wealthy Ownership Doesn’t Guarantee Success
• All In: Jeff Bezos Takes His Place as an “Enemy of the People”
• Epilogue: The Fall and Rise of Journalism in the Age of Trump
• Acknowledgments
• Notes
• Index

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