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Preservation Education
Sharing Best Practices and Finding Common Ground
Barry L. Stiefel, ed.; Jeremy C. Wells, ed.

University Press of New England


• Acknowledgments
• An Introduction to Post-Secondary Historic Environment Education—Jeremy C. Wells and Barry L. Stiefel
• You Don’t Have to Give Up What You Love: Liberal Arts at Work—Regina Faden
• First Pete and then Repeat? Fundamental Differences in Intention between Undergraduate and Graduate Preservation Programs in the United States—Robert Russell
• Thinking and Doing: A Twenty-First Century Pedagogy for Preserving the Historic Architectural Artifact—Robert W. Ogle
• Development of a Preservation Planning Board Game—Andréa Livi Smith
• Challenges and Dilemmas in Heritage Conservation—Silvio Mendes Zancheti
• Benefits of Using Qualitative Ethnographic Methodology in the Evaluation of Preservation Training Programs’ Performance in Developing Countries: A Case Study of the Northeast Region of Brazil—Karla Nunes Penna and Elisabeth Taylor
• Integrated Conservation of Built Environments: Swedish Reflections from Three Decades of Program Development—Bosse Lagerqvist, Ingrid Martins Holmberg, and Ola Wetterberg
• Saving the Stones—Practical Conservation Training Program: A Case Study of the International Conservation Center, Citt’a di Roma (in Acre, Israel)—Shelley-Anne Peleg
• Delivering a Changing Conservation Curriculum by Distance Learning in the Twenty-First Century—Henry Russell and Philip Leverton
• Public History, Adult Students, and the Community: Moving Beyond the Distance-Education Classroom—Anastasia L. Pratt
• Documentation and Design in Association: Historic Preservation Design Using Social History, Advocacy, and Drawing in the Architecture Design Studio—Paul Hardin Kapp, Lauren Weiss Bricker, and Luis Hoyos
• Training in the Conservation of Modern Architecture: A Latin American Experience—Fernando Diniz Moreira and Luiz Manuel do Eirado Amorim
• Integrating Historic Preservation into the Undergraduate Interior Design Curriculum—Melissa Santana and Valerie L. Settles
• The Critical Role of Preservation in Graduate Real Estate Curricula—Robert Benedict and Cari Goetcheus
• Social Science Research Methodologies and Historic Preservation: Broadening the Possibilities for a Preservation Thesis—Jeremy C. Wells
• Learning Among Friends: Using Heritage-Based Educational Practices for Improving Preservation Law Pedagogy—Barry L. Stiefel and Gilbert S. Stiefel
• Conclusion: Common Problems and Potential Solutions—Jeremy C. Wells and Barry L. Stiefel
• Biographies of Editors and Contributors

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