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Crossings in Text and Textile
Katherine Joslin, ed.; Daneen Wardrop, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


Introduction—Katherine Joslin and Daneen Wardrop
• “Excesses of Every Kind”: Dress and Drag around 1870—Abigail Joseph
• An Epitome of Times and Fashions: Temporality and Textiles in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s
House of the Seven Gables—Babak Elahi
• Austen’s Muslin—Laura George
• William Makepeace Thackeray’s Fashionable Humbugs: Consuming National Distinctions of Dress in
Vanity Fair—Amy L. Montz
• “Such Hosts of Rags”: Transatlantic Crossings between Paper and Cotton in Melville’s “The Paradise of Bachelors and the Tartarus of Maids”—Amber Shaw
• Dressing the Aesthetic Woman, from “Maison Lucile” to
Midnight in Paris—Margaret D. Stetz
• Clothing and Colonialism in Conrad’s
Heart of Darkness—Pouneh Saeedi
• The Midwife’s Clothing: Jessie Fauset In and Out of Fashion—Kimberly Lamm
• Modeling for Men: The Early Jean Rhys—Hope Howell Hodgkins
• Bibliography
• Contributors
• Index

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