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Photography, History, Difference
Tanya Sheehan, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Introduction: Questions of Difference—Tanya Sheehan
• A “Geographic Fact”: Photography, History, and Ireland—Justin Carville
• Richard Harrington’s Guide: Universality and Locality in a Canadian Photographic Document—Martha Langford
• Royal Photographs in Qajar Iran: Writing the History of Photography between Persian Miniature Painting and Western Technology—Mirjam Brusius
• Toward an Itinerant History of Photography: The Case of Lalla Essaydi—Andrés Mario Zervigón
• “Last Seen Alone on the Prairie”: Migration, Photography, and the Invisibility of Women—Sigrid Lien
• “Picture Taking and Picture Making”: Gender Difference and the Historiography of Photography—Harriet Riches
• Beyond the “Savage Slot”: Ethnography and the National Identity Photograph—Karen Strassler
• Agency and Authorship in Australian Photo Histories—Catherine De Lorenzo
• Other People’s (Hi)stories: Bringing Public-Generated Photography into the Contemporary Art Museum—Areti Galani and Alexandra Moschovi
• Intimate Conflicts: Foregrounding the Radical Politics of Family Photographs—Gil Pasternak
• Selected Bibliography
• Index
• About the Contributors

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