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Convict Voices
Women, Class, and Writing about Prison in Nineteenth-Century England
Anne Schwan

University of New Hampshire Press


• Acknowledgments
• Note on Abbreviations
• Introduction: Approaching Female Prisoners' Voices
• "Shame, You Are Not Going to Hang Me!" | Women's Voices in Nineteenth-Century Street Literature
• The Lives of Which "There Are No Records Kept" | Convicts and Matrons in the Prison Narratives of Frederick William Robinson ("A Prison Matron")
• The Limits of Female Reformation | Hidden Stories in George Eliot's
Adam Bede and Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone
• "A Clamorous Multitude and a Silent Prisoner" | Women's Rights, Spiritualism, and Public Speech in Susan Willis Fletcher's
Twelve Months in an English Prison
• Adultery, Gender, and the Nation | The Florence Maybrick Case and
Mrs. Maybrick's Own Story
• Gender and Citizenship in Edwardian Writings from Prison | Katie Gliddon and the Suffragettes at Holloway
• Postscript: Rewriting Women's Prison History in Historical Fiction | Margaret Atwood's
Alias Grace and Sarah Waters's Affinity
• Coda
• Notes
• Works Cited
• Index

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