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Prison Area, Independence Valley
American Paradoxes in Political Life and Popular Culture
Rob Kroes

Dartmouth College Press


• Foreword by Robert W. Rydell
• Introduction
• The George W. Bush Administration and European Anti-Americanism
• The Ascent of the Falling Man: an Iconic Image of 9/11
• Cool Hand Luck: How America Played Its Hand Entertaining the World
• Musical America: Staging the U.S.A. to the Sounds of Music
• A Spaghetti Southern: Landscapes of Fear in Quentin Tarantino's
Django Unchained
Freaks on Display: A Tale of Empathy and Ostracism
• American Responses to the Holocaust: Atrocity Photographs A Nomadic Objects
• Barack Hussein Obama: Two Portrait Sketches
• Obama and the Paradox of American Global Power: Dreams of Democracy and the Imperial Imperative
• Taking Exception
• Notes
• Index

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