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Voices from Transgender Communities
Jackson Wright Shultz

Dartmouth College Press


• Acknowledgments
• Notes on Style
• A Brief Time Line of Transgender History in the United States
• Character Reference
• Introduction
• The Vocabulary I Had Been Lacking
• I’ve Never Heard of Anyone’s Transition Experience Being Easy
• You Can’t Do It Alone
• What Happens to Those of Us with Multiple Identities?
• We Don’t Put Ourselves in Vulnerable Situations Willingly
• Accidental Activists
• Glossary of General Terms
• Glossary of Medical Terms
• Appendix A: Summary of Criteria for Hormone Therapy and Surgeries
• Appendix B: Resources for Medical and Mental Health-Care Providers
• Appendix C: Recommended Reading on Transgender Narratives and History

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:11 -0500