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Love, Defiance, and the Military Trial at the Tipping Point for Gay Rights
Major Margaret Witt; Tim Connor, contrib.; Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer, fwd.

University Press of New England


• Foreword by Colonel Margarethe Cammermeyer
• Homecoming
• Young Ms. Everything
• Crossing into the Blue, Part I
• Crossing into the Blue, Part II
• Flights of the Nightingale
• Love and Lilac City
• Halloween
• The Scarlet Letter
• Meeting Major Torem
• When Lawyers Are a Girl’s Best Friends
• Silver Wings
• “Major Witt Is Gay”
• A Sojourn to Langley
• The Wilderness
• The
Witt Standard
• Obi Wan Obama
• Outing Goliath
• True Stories
• The Last Days of Summer
• An Exemplary Officer
• Heard
• Epilogue: Out of the Blue
• Acknowledgments
• Notes and Sources
• Index

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