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Why the Grateful Dead Matter
Michael Benson

University Press of New England


• Introduction: Light the Song
• They’re an American Band
• Of Jerry Garcia, Savior
• Dead Shows Are Like Snowflakes
• The Dead Are Epicurean
• “Ripple” Is So Zen
• They Invented a New Form of Music
• Concert Sound at a Whole New Level
• They Played the Pyramids
• Their Instruments Were Custom-Made
• Pigpen Sang the Blues
• Bobby Brought the Muscle and the Sunshine
• Rock Scully Was Their Manager
• They Didn’t Buy into the Jinx
• The Birth of the Dead Was a Familial Process
• Of the Acid Tests
• The Lyrics of Robert Hunter Are Great Poetry
• The Band Has a Philosophy
• Of Academics and Business
• Of Mountain Girl
• Deadheads Roam the Earth
• Crickets Played on Blues for Allah
• Dead World Is a Kinder, Gentler Place
• Their Most Spontaneous Moment Became Their Finest Hour
• They Overcame So Much and Forged On
• There Is Sugaree
• The Commitment to a Concise Aesthetic and Traditional Song Structures
• When Youth Was God, Jerry Played Old
• Of the Art
• The Concert Films
• Their Music Is So Flexible
• Of the Forty-Five-Minute “Sugaree”
• Of Englishtown, and the Myriad Glories of ’77
• When Jerry Died the Vibe Lived On
• The Music Never Stops
• Acknowledgments
• Further Reading
• Index

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