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Wordsworth and the Green Romantics
Affect and Ecology in the Nineteenth Century
Lisa Ottum, ed.; Seth T. Reno, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


• Introduction: Recovering Ecology’s Affects—Lisa Ottum and Seth T. Reno
• Rethinking the Romantics’ Love of Nature—Seth T. Reno
• Embarrassing Displays of Devotion in Nineteenth-Century Paintings—William Stroup
• Of Asses and Men: Animals in Wordsworth’s
Peter Bell—Kurt Fosso
• “A route of evanescence”: Phenomenophilia and Romantic Natural History—Sarah Weiger
• Reverie and the Life of Things: Rousseau, Darwin, and Romantic Visionary Materialism—Allison Dushane
• Fostered by Fear: Affect and Environment in Romantic Nature Writing—Ashton Nichols
• Crabbe’s
The Borough: Environment, Loss, and the Place of the Past—Clare A. Simmons
• Choosing Nature: Affect and Economics in Wordsworth’s
The Prelude—Amanpal Garcha
• Reading, Romanticism, and Affect in Environmental Education—Lisa Ottum
• Afterword: The Future of Ecocriticism—James C. McKusick
• Contributor Biographies
• Index

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