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Style and Seduction
Jewish Patrons, Architecture, and Design in Fin de Siècle Vienna
Elana Shapira

Brandeis University Press


List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• The Historicists, 1860s–70s: Eduard von Todesco, Gustav von Epstein, and Their Neo-Renaissance Palaces on the Ringstrasse
• The Secessionists, 1897–1902: Ludwig Hevesi, Karl Wittgenstein and the Secession House, and Friedrich Victor Spitzer’s Music Salon
• The Modernists, 1902–7: Isidor Singer and Heinrich Kanner and the Telegraph Office of
Die Zeit, Fritz Waerndorfer’s House for the Art Lover, the Wiener Werkstätte and the Cabaret Fledermaus, and the Richard Beer-Hofmann Villa
• The Avant-Gardists, 1908–11: Peter Altenberg’s Portrait in the American Bar and Leopold Goldman and the Goldman & Salatsch House
• Conclusion
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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