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A Collection of Thoughts on Prosody
Donald Justice; David Koehn, ed.; Alan Soldofsky, ed.; Donald Revell, pref.

Omnidawn Publishing


• Introduction by David Koehn
• Preface by Donald Revell
• from “silence and the open field: John Cage and Charles Olson”
• Metrical Types in English
• A Sampling of Some Classical Statements Regarding Meter
• Syllabics
• Accentuals (or stress verse)
• Dipodic Verse
• Accentual-Syllabics
• Sound and Sense
• Song
• Free Verse
• Some Rhetorical Figures
• Quantitative Verse in English
• Practice Exercises
• Review
• A Selective Bibliography
• For the Workbook Modules
• Index

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