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At Home and Abroad
The Transcendental Landscapes of Christopher Pearce Cranch (1813-1892)
Nancy Stula, David M. Robinson; Barbara Novak, fwd.

Lyman Allyn Art Museum


Lenders to the Exhibition
• Acknowledgements
• Director’s Foreword
• Sponsor Statements
• Foreword – Barbara Novak
• Transcendentalism: The Path from Preaching to Painting – Nancy Stula
• Christopher Pearse Cranch and the New England Transcendentalists – David M. Robinson
• “Like A Great Picture Always Before Us”: Christopher Pearse Cranch and Italy – Nancy Stula
• At Home and Abroad: Cranch and American Landscape Painting – Nancy Stula
• Appendix: Exhibition Record
• Chronology
• Checklist of the Exhibition
• Selected Bibliography

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:08 -0500