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Picturing Victorian America
Prints by the Kellogg Brothers of Hartford, Connecticut, 1830-1880
Nancy Finlay, ed.; Kate Steinway, fwd.

Connecticut Historical Society


• Director’s Foreword – Kate Steinway
• Project Supporters
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: Taking a Fresh Look at Nineteenth-Century Lithography – Nancy Finlay
• From Hartford to Everywhere: The History of the Kellogg Firm and Its Associates – Nancy Finlay
• Family Values and Victorian Virtues in Kellogg Prints of Home and Family – Kate Steinway
• Dressing Romantically: Clothing in Kellogg Prints, 1830–1860 – Lynne Zacek Bassett
• Gothic Style: A Personal and National Taste – Sally Pierce
• Written on Stone: Family Registers, Family Trees, and Memorial Prints – Georgia B. Barnhill
• The Kellogg Brothers’ Images of the Mexican War and the Birth of Modern-Day News – Elisabeth Hodermarsky
• Sail and Steam on Stone: Maritime Prints of the Kelloggs – Richard C. Malley
• A Guide to Dating Kellogg Prints Based on Publishers’ Imprints
• Brief Biographies of the Kelloggs and Their Immediate Associates – Candice C. Brashears
• Timeline of the Kelloggs’ Personal and Business Activities – Candice C. Brashears
• Checklist of Kellogg Lithographs in the Connecticut Historical Society – Candice C. Brashears and Michael Shortell
• Further Readings
• Contributors
• Index of Proper Names and Illustrations

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