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The Subsequent Blues
Gary Copeland Lilley

Four Way Books


• Prelude to the Predicament
• Ritual of the Bush
• Sanctuaries for the Deacon's Sons
• Oracle at the End of the Bar
• Rudeboy in the Light
• Our Lady of the Birds
• The Autobiography of Marcella Ricks
• Askari's Flow, the Free Style
• All That Lazarus Jazz
• King Elijah Gives Keisha the Recipe to Get Rid of Robert
• King Elijah's Directions to the Graveyard
• How to Cook Road Kill
• The Pentecostal Minister
• The New Resident Prostitute
• Let the Devil First Ask One Question
• There I Was Walking the Therapeutic Mile
• If You're Looking in the Woods for Legba
• The Parable of Not Paying Proper Tithes, Part 1
• The Parable of Not Paying Proper Tithes, Part 2
• The Parable of Not Paying Proper Tithes, Part 3
• The Beautician
• Looking at Cheryl's Love
• So I Come Back and Find that Now She's Taken the TV
• For Sergeant Daniel Anderson, Airborne
• A Sacrement for the Egun
• The Blind Boys at the 9:30 Club
• The King of the One-Legged Ass Kickers
• Toast to Paul the Cat, Drugged In
• My Head is a Mojo Bag
• Putting the Match to the Cigarette
• Divining the Intersection of Automobile and Dog
• The Authority of Burnsides' Rule is on the Ass-Pocket of Whiskey
• Offering to Oshun at the 55 Club
• Voyeur
• Who Sez Thunderbirds Can't Fly
• Hitting It at The Paradise Apartments
• Blackheart
• (Not in the Rap Sheet or the Obituary)
• Dear Jeffrey, I Don't Care if You're Crazy.
• Report From Marcus, the Hearse Driver for Wilson's Funeral Home
• The Ride from Ellington Bridge
• My Bones Burning Down
• High Point
• Waiting for Harry
• Riding with the Dragon
• I'm Gonna Live Long Unless Something Kills Me
• Prayer to Saint James Byrd of Jasper, Texas

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