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The Raving Fortune
Noelle Kocot

Four Way Books


• I
• To the Place in My Head Where Ideas Come From:
• Passing Over Water
• I am the Supernova of Your Psalmistry
• Blankness, Much
• There is a Tiara Dripping from the Skylights
• Walking in the Light
• A Sure Sign that I've Been Here
• Over, Under, Through, With
• Beginner's Mind and Purple Plants
• Horse Sense and the Evolving Breeze
• I'm the Church You Should Go to More Often But Don't
• Furor Poeticus
• Poem Written in 17 Minutes
• Sprich Auch Du
• The Planning of a Park
• Garbage Art
• I Refuse to Wear Life Like a Loose Garment
• Two Poems for Franz Wright
• Color #5
• The Map
• II
• The Newlyweds and the Funny Papers
• In Sunlight
• Love, Alters, Everything
• Evening with the Financial Report
• The Maddest Kind of Love
• The Word Starts with an E
• Consolations Before an Affair, Upper West Side
• Why We Go to Couple's Counseling
• A Lived Experience
• Rondeau
• Winter Dedication
• Nocturne
• Weird Wife
• The Raving Fortune
• Rushing Through the House I Behold the Numinous Dark of Forks, The Light-Bearing Phenomenology of Sunrise
• From Bellevue Aquarium
• I am No Longer a Mystic
• Try Anyway
• The Whole Arcana From the Fool to the World
• Kyrie Elison
• Running with Closed-Circuit Breath
• Red Poem
• The face I had before I was born
• Ground Zero, Union Street Subway Station, August 1997
• Some Meditations on Baboon Living
• I Don't Think I'll Ever Write This Poem
• Civilization Day

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