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And So
Joel Brouwer

Four Way Books



• At left a yellow flat of sunlight leans
• against a raw brick wall. Two cats--one white,
• one black--slump along the vast windowsill
• as if drugged. Their little fangs glisten.
• A suggestion of steeple beyond the window,
• coupled with a recording of children
• shouting in the imaginary square below,
• conjures an older quarter. Red sofa stage right.
• Coffee table strewn with breakfast's remnants.
• Dish of bloody berries, greasy pages torn
• from a pastry, a coffee cup set down
• absently, titled on its saucer. And
• on the sofa she's reading newspapers.
• The world is dramatic but not tragic...

Mon, 4 Jun 2018 08:56:13 -0500