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Wolf and Pilot
Farrah Field

Four Way Books


• The Smartest Person in the Room Never Speaks
We Left Before My Turn
• The Girls Bury Themselves for Two Weeks
• The Girls Gather Around While He Sleeps
• Not All Henrys Are Hucks or Hanks
• Mother’s Children Don’t Come When She Calls
• The Girls Approach the Fence
• Desperate Mothers Are Easy Lays
• Elsianne Celebrates Her Birthday
• Bedtime Stories
• Wanting to Train Pigmy Goats
• Emaline Develops an Attachment
• Maybe You Have More Than One Private Parts
• The Teacher Explains Urgency to the Detective
• The Detective Wonders If He Said Something Wrong
• Den
• Bomber Jacket
• The Girls Talk of Troilus
• Our Food Will Not Come from a Cigarette Company
• Are You a Wild Animal or a Baby
• Aubrie Steals the Key To
• Mother Talks to Herself Before Hunting Her Children
• Tall People Have Hurt Knees
• The Detective is Dismissed
• Human Hair Paintbrush
• The Girls Give Helen the Checking Account
• Blood Is Best When a Woman Is in Trouble
• Red Onion Paper
• The Witch Stands Beyond the Vapor
• Matilda Stays Up Late With No Questions to Ask
• Elsianne Walks Between Quiet Rooms
• Dark Thirty Will Come Early
• How to Build the Family Robot
• Lines of Varying Heaviness
• Emaline’s Afterlife Self Remembers Her Detective Crush
• Elsianne Heads Off to a Bright Future
• Dalebound

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