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The Multiple
Calvin Bedient

Omnidawn Publishing


• After Bronzino
• Propagation of the Elements
• Evening in the Company of Undecided Birds
• Rapid Dolly
• Congratulations, Birds that Sleep All Night without Once Falling out of the Trees
• Deception Falls
• Virility Wrapped in an Army Blanket by a Campfire under the Bridge in Winthrop, Washington
• War, a Problem
• Stud Whiskers
• “I Came out of Habitations where Warmth Filled My Feet and Loins”
• Multitude
• Rubbing the Hairs on the Back of a Man’s Thigh
• There Are as Many Universes as There are Phrases
• The Gordon Stewart Northcott Murders of Boys in Wineville, California, 1928
• The Roses of Your Dementia
• Nipples Encircled with Clauses
• Floating Ant
• Bridge of Hair
• Rays of the Territory
• the breathing place
• The Obscurity of the Ten Dresses
• Season Luce Arrives
• A Storm of Commas Was Coming
• Whose Day?
• Turning Aside from the Vulgar to Think
• Everything Suck Big Suck Big Six Buttons
• “Schubert on the Water, Mozart in the Din of Birds”
• “Sonata, What Do You Want of Me?”
• “Millions of Strange Shadows on You Tend”
• Sheer
• Cheetah
• Witness Said He Saw the Defendant Beaming Defendant Was Alone at the Time
• Hippo, the Logic of this Music, to Walk on the Bottom of Such Copia
• each bound of the fiery paper
• Propagation in the Foot, Leg, Arm, and Trunk Positions of Ballet
• Many at the Source
• The Partridge in Me
• Va, Pensiero
• Mine and Not Mine This Happiness, Sucked up into the Nobody Dark
• Nude Shivering as He Leaves the Studio

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