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Suzanne Gardinier

Sheep Meadow Press


• Kiln
• Night Journey
• Dancer
• Last Night
• Chariot
• Iridium
• Jerusalem
• SELECTED POEMS 1986-2009
• Voyage
• The Stones
• Letter to My Mother
• This Land
• The International Meteorological Committee Reports
• Harmonica
• Tonight
• Two Girls
The New World
• To the City of Fire / If I forget you let my sleep dwindle
• To Peace / When will you come The days are long the nights
• Refugees / Every night she dreams of departure
• Blues / Come here baby wrap your arms around
• Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl / Although it stands between the kidnappers
• Where Blind Sorrow Is Taught To See / Rain shines black where the red-and-white-light-laced
• To Peace / Peace I have feared you hated you scuffed dirt
• Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl / Dear Amy At last a moment I miss
• To the City of Fire / Here is soot Today it is all I have
• At School /
Excuse me the teacher says Where are you going
• Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl / Tonight I woke again afraid
• The Ghost of Santo Domingo / That the earth may shelter and sustain us
• To Peace / Why should you come to meet me your most
• At Work /
You so sleepy baby Who you been
• Leviathan / Leviathan scarify and scour
• Blues / You tell me no trouble’s on your trail
• Where Blind Sorrow Is Taught To See / Before you I walked with my hands in my pockets
• Democracy / You bought new clothes You thought it was finished
• To the City of Fire / All along there have been places where I
• To Peace / I have called you names I cannot repeat here
• Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl / June 1867 Dear Amy
• Where Blind Sorrow Is Taught To See / Near where I lived there was a fenced schoolyard
Dialogue with the Archipelago
• Overture
• Quarrel
• First face
• Second face
• Eve in the garden
• Adam dancing
• Third quarrel interrupted by laughter
• At the war college in the morning
• Field trip
• In the museum
• Chickens
• The reunion
• Palimpsest
• Metacomet
• The odd man
• Fire Island
• Plan
• Feast
• To be continued
• The homecoming
• Testimony of Pericles
• Unopened letter
• Majnun
• On the train
• Four hunger songs
• The chaplain’s letter from Saigon to Minneapolis
• Smoke and rain
• Letter from Helen to the Spartans
• Third face
• Bridge checkpoint
• One more question
• What the people without weapons sang in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas before the gates were closed
• Persephone’s prayer
• Borrowed postlude
Today: 101 Ghazals
• I can hear you but I can’t see you
• Are you listening I’m whispering tonight
• The moon coming up in early September
• Your eyes are still closed but they move You’re dreaming
• In a dream In a room that doesn’t exist
• I’ve lost my shoes Have you seen them
• Put your finger to my lips will you
Zukkar to azúcar Did an oud cross the strait
• Do you remember what you told me
• Irish tea from Assam and Kericho
• The gatekeeper fallen asleep The lock slipped
• The claw of a crab The sweet flesh near the elbow
• Twitching in sleep Reaching for you
• When they meet in the lion’s den Jasmine and cedar
• Wasn’t that your cheek against mine last night
• You left a few souvenirs last night
• How have I come to this strange place
• How her footsteps crossing blurred the borders
• Do I know your taste an the ache in your voice
• The vase of tower fragments and his mother’s
• Take my hands before they forget
• Who found the dress she left on the sand
• Leaving the feast of your mouth in a dream
• Notes
• Acknowledgments

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