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A Company of Ghosts
Christopher Middleton

Sheep Meadow Press


During the Aftermath
• The Touch of Autumn before Evensong
• From a Family Album
• The Enchanted Scrivener
• Into the Clay
• The Game of Conkers
• A Tulip Tree
• Of Music from a Sunken System
• Of Imminence
• The Trojan Philanderer
• Mother by the Lake
• The Desolation
• A Testimony for the Deaf
• Promenade
• Juniperus americanus
• The Leveret
• The Substance Having Uncertain Signs
• The Devil’s Innocence
{For the Crows}
Arp’s Arcs
• Household Conversation
• A Newcomer in the Small Port
• The Disappearance of Boondocks
• About the Author

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