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Cities of Mathematics and Desire
Judith Johnson

Sheep Meadow Press


• In the Opening Night Sky
• One: Cities of Mathematics and Desire
• Cities of Mathematics and Desire
• Two: The Lava Tree
• The Lava Tree
• For Margaret, Grieving
• For James, in Time
• Quiet Life
• The City in the Sea Rises
• Call and Respone
• Dark Mother
• THe Return
• Three: Nietzsche's Dream Narratives
• Magna Mater
• The Logic of Teacups
• How it Was in Frost Country
• Press Conference
• Moonscape
• Denying
• Sycorax, of Her Island
• The Aura of Art
• The Invasion of Lark Street, Albany, After the First Bush Inauguration
• Sestina: When I AM No Good for you
• Obscenities
• Plain/Song
• Stone Olives
• Coda: As If I Watched Late Last Night Zwith Baudelaire
• Notes

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:33 -0500