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Literary Histories in Portuguese
João Cezar de Castro Rocha, ed.

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth


Introduction: Possibilities of Literary History — João Cezar de Castro Rocha
• Literary History — Remo Ceserani; translated by James Kierstead
• The Center and the Margins — Carlos M. F. da Cunha
• “Internal” Literary History: Rubem Fonseca’s “Intestino Grosso — Frans Weiser
• The Crisis of Literary History and Disciplinary Renovation: The Alternative of Systemic Theories — Isaac Lourido; translated by Manus O’Duibhir
• The Problem of Particularity in Literary History — Jobst Welge
• Ways of Seeing the Past in Literary History — José Luís Jobim; translated by Lisa Shaw
• Belongings and Interactions: Negotiating Portuguese-Speaking Identities in Boston — Graça Índias Cordeiro
• When the Eye Meets the World:
Reading Subjectivity in Two Poems by Carlos Drummond de Andrade — Monique Balbuena
• The Utopia of the Divine in Luso-Brazilian Culture: Joachim of Fiore and Ariano Suassuna’s
A Pedra do Reino — Noeli Dutra Rossatto and Marcus de Martini
• National Identity in Brazil and Mexico in the Twentieth Century — Paulo Moreira
• Narrativizing the Other-Empire in Silence: On Portuguese Postimperiality/Postcoloniality — Sheila Khan; translated by Carmen Ramos-Villar
• Ana Salgueiro Rodrigues on João Cabral do Nascimento,
Além-Mar: Poemeto épico que fez Joam Cabral do Nascimento para narrar a história tormentosa das caravelas que aportaram à Ilha do senhor Infante na madrugada do século XV
• Aline de Almeida Moura on Chatarina Edfeldt,
Uma história na História: Representações da autoria feminina na História da Literatura Portuguesa do século XX
• Duarte Pinheiro on A. M. Pires Cabral,
Artes Marginais; Antes que o Rio Seque; Arado
• Ricardo Vasconcelos on Osvaldo Manuel Silvestre and Pedro Serra,
Século de ouro—Antologia crítica da poesia portuguesa do século XX
• Brief Beginning of the World (Episode in Three Movements) — Carola Saavedra; translated by Hsiao-Shih Lee
• regurgitophagy — Michel Melamed; translated by Micaela Kramer

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