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Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer
Patricio Ferrari, ed.; Jerónimo Pizarro, ed.

Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth


A Note from the Editor-in-Chief: “A Very Original Issue”
Introduction—Patricio Ferrari and Jerónimo Pizarro
Key to Symbols Used in Transcriptions
Barrowby, Boys’ Books, and How to Make Literature—Richard Zenith
• Pessoa, Anon, and the Natal Colony: Retracing an Imperial Matrix—Stefan Helgesson
• World War I: Europe, Africa, and “O Menino da sua mãe”—George Monteiro
• Notes on the Modernist Long Poem in the Writings of Fernando Pessoa’s Heteronym Álvaro de Campos and T. S. Eliot—Pauly Ellen Bothe
Mediating Transnational Reception in Portuguese Modernism: Fernando Pessoa and the English Magazines—Patricia Silva McNeill
“History of a Dictatorship”: An Unfinished Political Essay by the Young Fernando Pessoa—José Barreto – Translated by Mario Pereira
• Pessoa and Keats—Mariana Gray de Castro
• The Art of Drama According to Browning and Pessoa—
Flávio Rodrigo Penteado and Caio Gagliardi – Translated by Luciano de Souza and Serena Rivera
• Pessoa’s Walter Pater: Archival Material from a Reading Story—Jorge Uribe
• Four Unpublished English Sonnets (and the Editorial Status of Pessoa’s English Poetry)—
Patricio Ferrari and Carlos Pittella-Leite
• “A Very Original Dinner” by Fernando Pessoa—With an introduction by Natalia Jerez Quintero
Excerpts from “Erostratus” by Fernando Pessoa—With an introduction by Filipa Freitas
Dryden, Keats, Tennyson, and Browning: Unpublished Translations by Fernando Pessoa—With an introduction by Claudia J. Fischer – Translated by Carole Garton
• An Interview with Margaret Jull Costa –
Conducted by Maria de Lurdes Sampaio
• Patricia Silva McNeill on Pauly Ellen Bothe, ed.,
Apreciações literárias de Fernando Pessoa
George Monteiro on Fernando Pessoa, Eu sou uma antologia: 136 autores fictícios, ed. Jerónimo Pizarro and Patricio Ferrari
Susan Margaret Brown on Fernando Pessoa, No Matter What We Dream: Selected English Poems

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