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Through a Gate of Trees
Susan Jackson; Molly Peacock, fwd.

CavanKerry Press


• Foreword by Molly Peacock
• Early Morning in the Garden

• Praise for Washing Feet
• In Johore Bahru
• The Man Who Could Not Talk About the War
• Bringing Home Potatoes
• Beauty in Form
• Remember Rilke
• First Spring in a Separate House
• Easter Weekend
• Ice Storm
• This Light
• We Are Learning to Dedicate Out Lives to Compassionate and Selfless Action

• Just Like Me, There Other Unknowers
• Three Green Apples and a Pear
• The Trial
• Black Ice
• Inside Out
• Noctiluca
• A Boy Visits His Uncle in Contadora
• Dissection
• The Secret History of Rock and Roll
• By Some Strange Conjunction
• The Husband and Wife, a Fable
• Visiting on Cape Cod

• Blue
• After the Twins Are Born
• The Day She Gets Her License
• In My Daughter's Kitchen
• Watching the Perseid Meteor Showers
• The Story the Reporter Told
• What Was, What Could Be
• Fire in the Brain
• All Day Thursday

• Copperhead
• What I Heard at Four O'Clock
• Who Sees Them
• Border Crossings
• Mother of Memory Come up from the Well
• Poems Sometimes Come in the Way a Sea Turtle Lays Her Eggs
• I Sleep Alone in the Meticulous Night
• Indigo Sky, New Moon
• The Stones Belong to the Land
• How I Got Here Through a Gate of Trees

• The Sugaring Cabin
• At the Heart of Things
• Night Walk
• What the Silence Feeds
• What the Silence Feeds
• If Ever There Was Anything Too Beautiful for This World
• The Twittering Machine
• Visiting the Baptist Church at Easter Time
• Gratitude
• The Hawks Come Back
• Sufi Dancing
• On the Old Road

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