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Divina Is Divina
Jack Wiler; Baron Wormser, intro.

CavanKerry Press


• Introduction – Baron Wormser
• We Monsters
• Big Mouth
• My Friend Asks Me to Write About Losing Things
• Mourning Doves
• Love Poem at the Beginning of Summer
• My Mother Says Happy Birthday
• On Death and Dying
• Hoboken in June
• Futbol and Gowns
• Divina Is Divina
• Surgical Options
• Spring Peepers
• Praises for the Insect & Mammalian Dead
• All Things Come to Him Who Waits
• Why I Like Money
• Talking With Nat
• Explaining My Life
• Advertising in the Dark
• How to Succeed in Pest Control
• Things I
Can Say in East Brunswick HS
• My Beloved City
• Prometheus
• Siberia
• Love, Death, and Detective Work
• The Nature of Desire
• The Poet Confronts Popular Invention
• The Love Poem Johanna Asks For
• Milo in Jersey City
• A New Prayer
• My Fucked Up Heart
• What You Can Do in Central New Jersey at Christmas
• The Angel of Death
• Dreaming of Imps
• The Hardest Poem a Man Can Write
• The Man with the Rotten Teeth
• Spring on Palisades Avenue
• The Truth about Lying
• Living in the Real World
• Food and Money
• Black Dogs
• Miserly
• What Art Is and What It Isn’t
• Why I Go to Work
• Walking with a Lunatic
• Tending Gardens

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:09 -0500