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A Car Stops A Door Opens
Christopher Bursk

CavanKerry Press


• I.
• A Car Stops and a Door Opens
The Expulsion from Paradise
• The Mouth Knows Grief
Come with me, he says
• Prisoner of War, Death by Poison, Cat Burglar
• Leviticus 16:20-22
Am I not to drink the cup that the father has given me?
• Madonna with Child and Eight Angels
• Morte d'Arthur

• The Benefits of Burning Oneself
Indigo White, Blanc de Fard, Alabaster!
• Dr. Levin
I Have Been Faithful to Thee, Cynara, in My Fashion
• What He Doesn't Tell the Frat Brothers Interviewing Him
• What Doesn't Get Said in Therapy
• Lorca in Roxbury
• October 23
• The Key
• II.
• News from a foreign country came
• III.
• The Holding Cell
Hulmeville Marine Dies in Car Bombing
• Bringing
The Virgin and Child into the County Jail
• I Take My Granddaughter to See the Face of Jesus
• Forensics
• Grading Papers in the Hospital Room
• What I Didn't Do Today
• The Trembling Cup
• Untitled (Black on Gray)

• Roll Call
• What to Do the Day a Camera Is Shoved Up Your Ass
• Reading about Beauty in the Hospital
• Maybe It's Not Scruples That Save Us
• One More Rosewood Box of Ashes
• Happiness Anonymous
• IV
Saturn Devouring One of His Children
• Pain Management
• The Butter Knife
• Ode to the Spoon
• What Happens When You Die?
• Open the Door
• My True Vocation
• The Trainset
She's Here Now!
• The Account Books of J.H. Bursk Wholesale Grocers
• More Reasons You're Thinking of Killing Yourself
• Abraham and Isaac
• Why I Go In and Out of Jail
• Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
• The Perfect Knot
• Why I Don't Want My Grandchildren to Read My Poetry
• Letter to a Great-great-grandson

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