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Abloom & Awry
Tina Kelley

CavanKerry Press


• Prelude
• The Possible Utility of Poets
• Yawp
• On Leaving the Newsroom
• 1. Here's an Armful
• My Man, the Green Man
• Love Song to Boredom
• The Meadow Saffron Said My Best Days Fled
• Music Is an Underground River That Needs to Be Discovered
• Covalent
• Abloom & Awry
• The Next Creation of the Universe
• Letter Written with the Kruger Brothers Picking in the Background
• Theophany, or Staying Home from Church to Write
• The Music Garden, If I Built It
• 2. Penny on the Sidewalk
• “Expose for the Flame ”
• Toward Teaching a One-Year-Old to Pray
• The Pornography of Recent Times
• Fugue after Writing Headlines
• Tuesday Afternoon Metaphysics Lesson
• Bob and Sally Laminate Are Moving Out
• Advance Directive
• The Last Christmas My Daughter Won't Know about Sex
• The Asshole's Cat
• Still Life with Ice Sculpture and Candles
• Rain. Saturday Morning. Training Wheels.
• 3. Ghosts of Good News
• Building a Better Bivalve
• Liking Drew
• Done Procreating
• Spoon Song
• Drew's Abject Love of Dinosaurs
• Solo Prelude, on “Love Divine”
• That First Weekend after the Last Day of School
• Someone Scratched
Hope on the Trail
• I Heard She Had a Recurring Nightmare of Fetal Skeletons Standing Upright
• I Am Pamela Pan
• 4. Illegible Smiles
• Wheeled Walker on the Bottom of the Ocean
• The Squandered
• The Kids Play at the Shelter, Two Friday Nights after Little G Shot Himself under the Boardwalk
• The Dark Side of Selene, the Moon
• In Appreciation for the Uniformity of Physical Bodies
• The Inarticulate Man Who Tries
• For the Life of Me
• We had such a great time dressing up, having Fun, and Dancing to 50s music!
• I Talk to My Twin, 38 Weeks Gestation
• National Oblivion Awareness Day
• Love Poem to the Seattle Compline Choir
• Finale
• Charmed

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:36 -0500