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57 Octaves Below Middle C
Kevin McIlvoy

Four Way Books


• Basho, poet, diarist, reclues, sells lawn mower—used but like new
• Miss Luck
• Sessions
• Road Open—Gone Soon
• Black sweater
• The Luthier's mother's mouth's openness
• At dusk, as always, Bender sang to us
• The thing—the foot ruler thing—in the shoe store—it tells your size? I can't remember what it is called. What is it called?
• I was watching the movie, edited
• Ladies Room
• Veterans Day
• November 22
• A word to Teacher Reptile's readers and their parents on the occasion of Father's Day and the anniversary of Teacher Reptile's release from Eight Gate Correctional Facility
• When will we speak of Jesus?
• All of the stones all at the same time
• Mrs. Wiggins’ altocumulus undulatus asperatus
• A testicular self-examination
• Notes on his poems by a guy who observed them in their natural habitat.
• The last things we said
• Oh, how glad and happy when we meet
“On the wire, Boys.”
• A 4 oz. can of story
• An 8 oz. can of story
• The Y
• On a dare he gave himself
• 19th & Minnesota
• The nature of the business in Extraellaville
• The story of their 67th
• I'll go home after this. Right after this. I promise.
• Shaken protest departure from local asylum
• Visiting privileges at Les Gauld Motors, downtown Ellaville
• Greetings from Teacher Reptile on the occasion of Father's Day and the publication of the final volume of
The Wrath septology
• New Year's Eve, my brother monk, eleven miles apart from me, in his thirty-second year at Lady Mori's Garden Soto Zen Temple in Wendellton, North Carolina, sends annual text, “How was 2014?”
• When I would take it from him there was a problem
• Hitchhiker, Seedvul, North Carolina, asked by the driver, “Where to?”
• Bright-Very
The color in the bed of the river? You wonder, What is it?
• You are the best audience we have ever had.
• And after these cries, I, Teacher Reptile, heard a dementer on the bank say to me from the lake of fire, “This is the second death” and “Here there shall be more pain”
• Perfumery
• You want to know—
• Aisle 4, Mini Bob's Mart
• Batter

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