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Warring States Papers v1 (2010)
Studies in Chinese and Comparative Philology
Alvin P. Cohen, pref.

Warring States Project


• Preface (Alvin P Cohen)
• Papers from an AAS/New England Panel, 28 Oct 1995
• Re-Dating the Sources (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Origins of Literary Form (Dennis Grafflin)
• Law in the Original Analects (Karen Turner)
• Distancing Jí in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Lu Lore Tradition (A Taeko Brooks)
• Shr 195 and Shu 32 (E Bruce Brooks)
• What Did Zeng Zi "Guard Over" in MC 2A2? (Scott Cook)
• Interrogative Yen and An in Jwangdz (E Bruce Brooks)
• A Note on Chun/Chyou Shr-yw Item 5 (Eric Henry)
• Probability and the Gwodyen Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks)
• Adverbial Pothen in Mark 12:37 (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Reader in the Text (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Historical Value of the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Hermeneutics of Emmentaler (Paul R Goldin)
• Template Songs of Chvn (E Bruce Brooks)
• A New Interpretation of the Jin Tvng (David S Nivison)
• Sources For the Analects 8 Layers (Robert Eno)
• The Mician Ethical Chapters (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Fragment Theory of MZ 14, 17, and 20 (A Taeko Brooks)
• Is MZ 17 a Fragment of MZ 26? (Chris Fraser)
• Mwodz 17-19 "Against War" (A Taeko Brooks)
• Mwodz 14-16 "Universal Love" (A Taeko Brooks)
• Doctrinal Developments in MZ 14-16 (Chris Fraser)
• Thematic Relationships in MZ 8-10 and 11-13 (Chris Fraser)
• The Formation of the Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Interviews of Mencius (E Bruce Brooks)
• Theoretical Terms in the Mencius (Stephen C Angle)
• Tensions Between Mencius 3 and 7 (Manyul Im)
• Inhuman Nature in Mencius (Dan Robins)
• Dual Authorship in Shr Ji 63 (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Han Dzvngdz (E Bruce Brooks)
• Gospel Trajectories (E Bruce Brooks)
• Judas Armed and Dangerous (Keith L Yoder)
• Climate Cycles in Spring and Autumn (E Bruce Brooks)
• From Point State to Area State (E Bruce Brooks)
• Military Capacity in Spring and Autumn (A Taeko Brooks)
• Defeat in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks and E Bruce Brooks)
• Numbers and Losses at Chvngp-pu (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Syi-gung Transition (A Taeko Brooks)
• The League of the North (A Taeko Brooks)
• Enfiefment Renewal in Lu (A Taeko Brooks)
• The History and Historiography of Jyw (A Taeko Brooks)
• Evolution of the Ba "Hegemon" Theory (A Taeko Brooks)
• Evidence for a Usurpation in Sung (Eric Henry)
• Huangdi in Pre-Han Bronze Inscriptions (GIlbert L Mattos)
• Lord Shang (E Bruce Brooks)
• Political Geography of the Shr (E Bruce Brooks)
• Sun Wu (E Bruce Brooks)
• Peace in Multi-State Systems (E Bruce Brooks and John V Lombardi)
• Chinese Romanization Table
• Text Abbreviations
• Journals and Monographs

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