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Warring States Papers v2 (2017)
Studies in Chinese and Comparative Philology

Warring States Project


• Preface (Alvin P Cohen)
• Contact Between Warring States Texts (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Jou Rvn Sayings (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Gwodyen Tutor (A Taeko Brooks)
• Confucius Tradition in the Mencius (A Taeko Brooks)
• Localisms in the Wei Poems (E Bruce Brooks)
• Old Chinese 'Boat' (Christopher I Beckwith)
• Doubling in Dzwo Jwan (Eric Henry)
• The Authorship of the Jwangdz (E Bruce Brooks)
• Three Iliad Interpolations (E Bruce Brooks)
• A Variant Reading in 1 Thessalonians (E Bruce Brooks)
• "Them" in John 19:16 (Keith L Yoder)
• Binary Possibilities (E Bruce Brooks)
• Arguments From Silence (E Bruce Brooks)
• Some Common Lines in the Shr (A Taeko Brooks)
• Another Note on Shr 220 (E Bruce Brooks)
• Shr 189 and Its Neighbors (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Shu (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Jyou Gau (A Taeko Brooks)
• Two Female Commoners in Dzwo Jwan (Eric Henry)
• MZ 35-37 "Against Fate" (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Aetiology of the Sundz (A Taeko Brooks)
• Lau Dan and the Dau/Dv Jing (E Bruce Brooks)
• Mencius 2A2 in Meditation Context (A Taeko Brooks)
• Again the Mencius 1 Interpolations (E Bruce Brooks)
• Mencius 2 (E Bruce Brooks)
• Layers in Mencius 1A3 (Dewei Shen)
• Pleasure in Mencius 1 (Andrew Lambert)
• Mencius 1B4 and the Proto-Yendz (Stephen W Durrant)
• Dzvng Syi in Mencius 2A1 (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Gwodyen Lu Mu-gung Anecdote (E Bruce Brooks)
• Jwangdz 33 (A Taeko Brooks)
• Szma Tan and the Shr Ji (E Bruce Brooks)
• Rvn in the Chun/Chyou (A Taeko Brooks)
• Gwan Jung and the Mass Army (E Bruce Brooks)
• Disorderly Intoxication in the Shr (A Taeko Brooks)
• Fouchyou Bwo (E Bruce Brooks)
• Jou Evidence for Yi Divination (E Bruce Brooks)
• Dz-sz (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Xing Qi Jade Inscription (Gilbert L Mattos)
• The Dates of Mencius (E Bruce Brooks)
• Ngwei Syang-wang (E Bruce Brooks)
• The Gwodyen Calligraphers (Zhongwei Shen)
• The Career of Sywndz (E Bruce Brooks)
• Warring States Economy and Trade (Constance A Cook)
• Supernatural Retribution in Warring States Texts (Alvin P Cohen)
• Ghosts and Spirits in Mician Thought (A Taeko Brooks)
• The Parable of the Canny Steward (E Bruce Brooks)
• Chinese Romanization Table
• Text Abbreviations
• Journal and Monograph Abbreviations

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