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Coming Events (Collected Writings)
Susan Gevirtz; George Albon, intro.

Nightboat Books


• Three Desks
My Little Read Backwards Book
• Figment of Appointment
• Dorothy Richardson Taken Place
• Without Event: The Reign of Commotion
• Address
• About “The One...” For Asher Montadon
• About About
• Collision and Forms of Being in Place:
Linen minus, Taken Place
• For Frances Jaffer
• there there: sensation and interruption
• Delphic Filmic
• Paros Symposium Opening
• Letter: Translation Panel Invitation
• A Brief Picture Book for Barbara Guest
• Orders
• Third Apprehension
• Doctor Editor
• A Place Ajar
• Uneven Uneventfulness: Kathleen Fraser’s
Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling
• “I like to read in the dark...”
• Belief’s Afterimage: The Recent Work of Barbara Guest
• Errant Alphabet: Notes Toward the Screen
• Motion Picture Home
• Outer Event
• Notes
• References

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:10 -0500