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While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed by It
Lytton Smith

Nightboat Books


• Travel Narrative
Of the Kingdom Which Counterweights Civilization
• Friendship as a Rhetoric of Retreating Past Borders
• Begins the Civil War
• A Turned Page as the Measure of Suspense
• By means of a mountain path or a merchant new-arrived or a fragmented map in a pawnbroker’s: new travels, tells of a country through which goods might be easily moved
• International Natural Resources
• First of the Invasions
• Encounter with Elephants
• The Spectacle (I)
• Some Corner of a Foreign Field
• Trade Winds, Trade Routes
• Civil War
• Summer in the Delta
• Refraction
• Civil War (Forgotten)
• Native Characteristics Approved
• Bringing Violins, Games, and Bibles to Coastal Areas
• The Spectacle (II)
• River Insurgence
• Barefoot Across the Floor of the Pagoda
• ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling
• Independence Day
• General H - Flees the Abode of Kings
• Patriotism Does Not Doubt for National Joy
• Civil War
• The Spectacle (III)
• Moonlight at the Pagoda
• The Spectacle (IV)
• Silk First Reaches the City’s Markets
• Sweet and Fitting
• Telescopic Philanthropy
• Public Sites Are For Gatherings (Of Less Than Five)
• House Arrest
• Refugee Blues
• In the International News Headlines
• Civil War as the Longest Uninterrupted in World History (Forgotten)
• Monsoon Deluge
• As [They] Lay Dying
• On Empathy
• The Spectacle (V)
• International Disaster Relief Fund
• Civil War
• Resettling the Capital City
• The Spectacle (VI)
• As the Teak Forests Move
• We Are Here To Protect Even By Necessary Imposition
• Where Were You In This?
• By means of a military state and the governmental control of goods, carbon resources, travel visas, food, and labour; in the wake of historical occupations by and upon the national construct; through the resituation of villagers, villages, and language; offering momentary promises of alternative behavior; because it would be wrong to tell authority that its policies have failed; hamstrung by sanctions (except those related to global concerns such as rare wood, oil, pipelines, etc; dismayed by the mis-perception of people-minded rule, we have reached this stage of national happiness:

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