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I Love It Though
Alli Warren

Nightboat Books


• A Yielding Hole for Light
• Lunchtime with Woodwinds
• Out on the Wire
• The Last Great Heteronormative Hope
• A Date with the Cages
• There's Always Some Bird Dog
• Just My Imagination
• Protect Me from What I Want
• Mercy
• Salt Lakes & Sand Dunes
• Tunics, Trousers, and Cloaks
• The Tower of Winds
• Index of Social Membership
• The National Future
• Split Apart and Plummet Down
• Take Care of Yourself and Get Plenty of Rest
• Palpating the Scar
• No Good Habits
• Total Vocation
• Something Is Coming Toward Us
• The Women Perform Their Ablutions
• On the Levelers Everyday
• Everybody Loves a Runt
• Slantwise on the Skyline
• The Finest Vellum You've Ever Seen
• Parades Go By
• A Better Way to Zone
• The Most Oral of Animals
• To the Fledglings
• Andromeda Has Fine Recompense
• Idea World
• Calling Convergence
• My Froggy Heart
• My Friend in the Forest
• California Compliant
• Sheepskin City
• Always Crashing in the Same Car
• Thinking of a Dream I Had
• Do You Perverts Have I.D.?
• Our Portrait Exceeds Us
• Horsehair and Roseshirt
• Wabenzi
• Singing from My Little Point
• Breadwinning for Birds
• Water, Skim, and Yolk
• You Know It Seems the More We Talk About It
• I Wanna Be Shipmated
• What Gathers Us Here Tonight
• Take My Hand
• In the Craving Night
• My Teacup
• I Want to Thank the Wind Blows

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