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Writers Who Love Too Much
New Narrative Writing 1977-1997
Dodie Bellamy, ed.; Kevin Killian, ed.

Nightboat Books


• i. Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy, Introduction
• Robert Gl
ück, “Sanchez and Day,” from Elements
• Kathy Acker, “The End,” from
Great Expectations
• Edith A. Jenkins, “Against a Field Sinister”
• Carla Harryman, “Animal Instincts”
• David O. Steinberg, “Five Year Plan”
• Michael Amnasan, “Joan,” from
I Can't Distinguish Opposites
• Judy Grahn, interviewed by Steve Abbott and Dodie Bellamy
• John Norton, “A Real Story”
• Marsha Campbell, “Wearing a Tough Jacket”
• Brad Gooch,“Satan”
• Camille Roy, “Lynette #1,” “BABY,” and “Sex Life”
• Sam D'Allesandro, “Jimmy,” “Walking to the Ocean This Morning,” Nothing Ever Just Disappears”
• Bruce Boone, interviewed by Charles Bernstein
• Dennis Cooper, “My Mark” from
• Kathe Burkhart, from
The Double Standard
• Roberto Bedoya, “Scene One,” from
• F.S. Rosa, “Post War”
• Robert Gl
ück, “The Sky Looked Bruised, and That's the Way the Air Felt, Achey”
• Steve Abbott, “Notes on Boundaries/New Narrative”
• Gabrielle Daniels, “
Our Nig: Discovering A Black Woman's Novel” Dennis Cooper, “Square One”
• Gary Indiana, “I Am Candy Jones”
• Leslie Dick, “The Interpretation of Dreams”
• Scott Watson, “Prince of the Damned”
• Bruce Boone, “David's Charm”
• Dodie Bellamy, “Incarnation”
• Gail Scott, from
• Richard Hawkins, “Bo-Hunk”
• Kevin Killian, “Sex Writing and the New Narrative”
• Matias Viegener, “Twilight of the Gods”
• R. Zamora Linmark, from
Rolling the R's
• Ishmael Houston-Jones, “The End of Everything”
• Rebecca Brown, “Junk Mail”
• Nayland Blake, “The Secret Square”
• Lynne Tillman, from
Haunted Houses
• Bruce Benderson, “Apollo's Curse,” from
• Cecilia Dougherty, “Sue”
• Dodie Bellamy, “Dear Gail”
• Eileen Myles, “Chelsea Girls”
• Gabrielle Daniels, “A City Girl Discovers the Forest”
• Sarah Schulman, from
Rat Bohemia
• Kevin Killian, “Open letter to the Editors of
Apex of the M
• Laurie Weeks, “Swallow”
• Bob Flanagan, from
The Book of Medicine
• Lawrence Braithwaite, from
• Chris Kraus, from
I Love Dick
• Notes
• Acknowledgments
• Permissions

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